Community Engagement

Let Community Ideas Drive Design

"Who should the Brooklyn Bridge be for? "

"What do we need the Bridge to be?"

What We Heard

We asked people what the Brooklyn Bridge means for them today, how they engage with the bridge, and where it might go in the future. Here's what they shared:

Step-By-Step, Hand-In-Hand

Bridge X will be a collaborative, patient, and community-driven process. Over time, Bridge X will be a continuous process of sharing ideas, testing, and engaging to achieve a collective vision.

Bridge X combines an extensive program of in-person and digital engagement strategies to ensure that the community can actively participate in developing and shaping the interventions, designs, and services that matter most for their Brooklyn Bridge.

This planning process will be complemented by Bridge X’s proposed collaborative management structure. This structure brings together a diverse range of partners including city agencies, and neighborhood and advocacy groups to plan, implement and maintain the community-based ideas.

Share Your Stories, Voice Your Thoughts

Complement digital resources with traditional engagement strategies to ensure maximum community input. A community-driven process is key to the development of Bridge X.

Digital Tools for Real Time Feedback

It begins with communication, and the app is here to help you find your way. And more importantly to share your Bridge X stories. Leave a bubble message for us!

Voice Your Thoughts and Ideas

View People's Ideas in Augmented Reality

Your Input Shape Future Designs

Traditional Engagement Methods will be Embraced

While we must understand how the neighborhood currently communicates and organizes. We need to make sure that newsletters will be mailed to you about upcoming events, upgrades will be discussed at your communities meetings, and staffs will offer hard copy surveys on the bridge.

Experiments Leading To Long Term Implementation

The community and their ideas will drive the evolving design of Bridge X. Through a collaborative and gradual process, ideas shared by the community will have the opportunity to become long-lasting features on the bridge. A strong coalition of the bridge community must drive the evolving design of Bridge X. We're excited to see where conversation takes us!

Bridge X nurtures the X-periment, using extensive community engagement to help identify and design the improvements needed to create a Brooklyn Bridge for the future.