Design & Strategy

Making Room

Bridge X proposes a phased approach to public space design that supports flexibility and adaptability.

The project combines open space activated by joyful programming and digital tools with sustainable transport, thereby relieving crowding on the bridge’s upper deck and providing space to help support Covid-19 recovery.

Bridge X: A Phased Evolution

Near Term / Fall 2020

The first phase provides a comfortable and enjoyable setting for welcoming the community back to Brooklyn Bridge – and can be implemented immediately to help New York recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bridge X converts the bridge’s existing Brooklyn-bound lanes into space for people to walk, bike, vend, and more, providing space for everyone to cross the bridge at their own pace. All vehicle traffic is rerouted to the existing Manhattan-bound lanes, which are converted to one lane in each direction with a central breakdown lane.

Making Room, Making "Rooms"

Bridge X envisions string of distinctly programmed “rooms” along the bridge. Beginning at the anchorages, each room has its own character, with active plays closer to both ends and a tranquil balcony for views at the heart. These rooms allow visitors to engage with the historic design of the bridge, enjoy views of the East River and harbor, and make their own memories. These zones are created using a kit of design interventions including digital art, interactive platforms, playscapes, seating and tables. We’ve learned especially in recent weeks the importance of having access to open space as a public health and emotional resource. Bridge X provides connections to larger open space networks and new leisure and recreational opportunities.

Enjoying Open Space Is Still Possible

Take inspiration from social and physical distancing guidelines to creatively adapt design principles for the pandemic era and beyond.

The Gallery

The Playroom

The Balcony / Bridge X Heart

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Implement a kit of physical and digital tools in response to community feedback, which can be efficiently implemented and comprehensively managed.

Let's Explore Bridge X!

Explore the new features on the bridge, and share your experiences.

The upper and lower decks are clearly delineated to provide sufficient room for walkers, joggers, sightseers, people wanting to relax and take in the view, small businesses and vendors, as well as including a separated cycling expressway. In short, Bridge X transforms Brooklyn Bridge into a linear park supporting transport, recreation, and respite.

Bridge X is an Evolving Process

Step-by-step, Hand-in-hand

A community-drive Bridge X will ensure a collaborative, iterative, open and transparent process.

Brooklyn Bridge is a shared civic icon and must be shaped by a shared vision and communal caretaking. Bridge X’s community involvement and collaborative management structure are designed to help forge the partnerships between elected officials, residents, local cultural centers and institutions, vendors, commuters, and designers. This process will be critical to achieve designs most suitable for the communities.

Reclaim Space For Endless Opportunities

Bridge X provides a flexible space that can be transformed to meet changing community needs.

In The Near Future, Brooklyn Bridge Will Become:

A bridge that is welcoming to everyone, prioritizes sustainable transport, and makes visitors joyous and commute safer.

A bridge that is easily accessible from adjoining neighborhoods and that enriches New York’s open space and multimodal transport networks.

An idea and process that can be replicated throughout New York and beyond.