Meet the Team

Bridge X is a joint effort led by ScenesLab, in collaboration with transport expert Andrew Nash and product designer Minzi Long.

Wendy Yifei Wang

Team Lead · Landscape Architecture

Wendy Yifei Wang is a licensed landscape architect passionate about creating spaces that reflect cultural identities, using landscape as her primary medium to enhance site characteristics and imagine cities’ future.

Cy Chengzhe Zhang

Urban Design · Architecture

Cy Chengzhe Zhang, an urban designer and strategist, believes that design values and creative methods should be emphasized during decision-making processes for cities.

Vita Chi-Hsuan Wang

Visual Art · Illustration

Vita Chi-Hsuan Wang is a detail-oriented architect and illustrator whose love for artistic expressions inform design and placemaking.

Jeremy Pi

Urban Design · Urban Planning

Jeremy Pi is an urban planner and designer who ponders how public spaces and cities can be developed to uniquely reflect and accommodate the composition of their immediate communities.

Shannon Hasenfratz

Urban Planning

Shannon Hasenfratz is a planner and project manager whose art history background and passion for transit informs her dedication to respecting heritage and promoting inclusivity in all projects.

Andrew Nash

Urban Planning and Transport Specialist

Andrew Nash is a Vienna-based transport planner working in the fields of active transport, railways and public transport. His most recent work focuses on applying advanced information and communications technology in transport and urban planning.

Minzi Long

AR/VR Product Designer

Minzi Long is a product designer, passionate about making emergent technology accessible to everyone, especially in the realm of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.