Navigating and Interacting with the Bridge in New Ways

Bridge X offers a digital presence via its website and mobile phone application, in addition to traditional engagement methods. These digital elements introduce new ways for people to engage with the bridge infrastructure and community while providing Bridge X with a platform for collecting planning ideas and feedback. The dynamism of Bridge X welcomes a wide range of visitors, who in-turn inform future interventions.

Interactive Augmented Reality Tour

AR content featuring Brooklyn Bridge history, digital artwork from local artists, and engagement features.

(George Floyd memorial bust created by Daniel and Rodman Edwards)


Helps visitors navigate physically and experience the bridge virtually.

Provide a map for all activities on the Bridge, highlighting:

Especially, Bridge X allows event organizers to claim space and host event on the bridge. The approved event will be shown on the map and open for RSVP.

Besides, there will be data collected from local sensors, which capture current and accumulated pedestrian and cyclist flows. This will serve as an indicator for visitors to decide when to visit and avoid peak hour “traffic”.

A Bubble for Your Thoughts

Visitors can use bubbles to share their stories, voice their opinions, and propose new ideas.

The Story Bubble allows users to share their stories and memories about a given place, their moods, or anything they want to say on/near Brooklyn Bridge via the app. Similar to the love locks people like to leave on the bridge, this will store their memories digitally and anonymously if desired.

The Idea bubble allows users to voice their opinions on the current designs and propose new ideas.

The system will filter input using keywords. This input and opinions expressed will be used to help shape designs in future phases. Users can choose to like, dislike or flag/report a bubble. The system will collect all posts and and rank them based on the likes/dislikes.

Visitor Input Shapes Future Designs

Public input from Bubbles and surveys will be used to help shape future designs.

There will be pop-up questions to collect user feedback. These questions are straightforward and will help the designers and the city understand user behavior (bike or walk), profile (local or visitors/age/race) and overall experience (time spent on the bridge today/rating one’s visit), etc. By answering the questions, user will be rewarded by small gift.