A Bridge That Truly Connects

Bridge X encourages more people to comfortably cross the bridge by diverting existing vehicular traffic through a multipronged approach.

A Bridge That Truly Reduces Traffic

Bridge X enables more people to comfortably cross the bridge by encouraging drivers to shift mode and behavior.

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From Manhattan to Brooklyn

Bridge X implements an inexpensive and effective set of multilingual physical and digital wayfinding improvements to guide people to and from the bridge at both anchorages – especially to/from transit stations, sustainable transport facilities, and major landmarks and open spaces. These applications can be installed immediately.

Manhattan Anchorage (Near Term)

Brooklyn Anchorage (Near Term)

Building a Bridge That is Truly Walkable and Bikeable

Bridge X encourages walkability by connecting to existing and proposed pedestrian and open space networks, including Open Streets. It also encourages cycling by connecting to existing bike lanes and shared bike docks. Neighborhood connections will also be strengthened by enhancing current connections at anchorage plazas, redesigning underutilized parcels, improving streetscapes and canopy coverage, and pedestrianizing vehicular barrier streets. Gradually, Bridge X will be fully integrated with New York City's larger network.

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Manhattan Anchorage (Long Term)

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Brooklyn Anchorage (Long Term)