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A people's bridge that brings together community, culture, transportation, history, and technology. In response to public feedback, Bridge X cultivates a new open space in New York City that adapts from a pandemic to a post-pandemic era.

What is Bridge X?

Bridge X transforms the Brooklyn Bridge’s automobile-focused transport infrastructure into a multi-functional linear open space of the future. The project combines open space activated by joyful programming and digital tools with sustainable transport, thereby relieving crowding on the bridge’s upper deck, and providing space to help support Covid-19 recovery.

What will the Brooklyn Bridge of tomorrow be? Who is it for?

  • How can the Brooklyn Bridge serve its community as more than just a vehicular thoroughfare?

  • How can the Brooklyn Bridge play an active role in encouraging diverse transportation alternatives?

  • How can we manage public spaces given social distancing and public health concerns?

  • How do we reach out and engage with a community that is sheltered-in-place?

  • How can the transformation of the Brooklyn Bridge inspire the rest of the city to engage differently with public space?

2020 Fall,

Welcome Back To The Bridge!

By carefully blending open space design, multimodal transport planning and digital technologies, Bridge X demonstrates how other bridges and transport infrastructure throughout New York can be transformed into public spaces whose design and services are driven by community voices.

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With your help, we are one step closer to transforming the Brooklyn Bridge into an accessible, equitable, functional infrastructure for the twenty-first century!